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Maria Jenely L. Mier
2011-10-25, 03:16
The board exam was realy tough..If it wasn't because of the intensive review we had at PRTC I dont think I could make it..My greatest thanks to all our reviewers especially to Sir de leon nga pirmi manlibre ug hopia...T sir Aga for the valuable insights not only for passing the exam but to life in general..To Sir Ocampo whose punch lines have always been reversed by my classmates. " okay oh cge you know do what to do..."hehe..Thank you sa tanan.. God Bless you all..
Kristoffer F. Batayon
2011-10-05, 07:21
I can say that the knowledge I've gained in PRTC made me realized one of my goals which is to pass the intricacy of CPA board exam. I'm so thankful that our school has chosen PRTC to be its partner towards learning the fundamentals and techniques needed in order to obtain the precious license. To be honest, I've learned many things (academic knowledge and values) during my 6-month stay in this review school, which I wasn't able to acquire during my undergrad. To our dearest reviewers (Sir Agamata, Sir Valdez, Sir Ocampo, Sir and Maam De Leon, Sir PeƱamante, and Atty. Malvar), thanks for your perseverance and understanding. THE BEST PO KAYONG LAHAT!!!
Donna Cuizon
2010-08-02, 04:24
hi to all the reviewers of PRTC! i was one of your pioneer reviewee in Cebu... It was a year after I graduate when I have decided to take the board was hard for me but because of your help I was able to make it in my first try! Thank you Sir and Ma'am! May God bless all of you and may you continue to inspire others!
Robychelle Anne Herrera
2010-03-21, 05:25
Hi to all prtc reviewers and also sa nga staff,,I'm one of the many accounting graduate whom prtc have inspired in different aspects of life..Though I wasn't that lucky to be able to pass the board last October 2008, still I look forward to to the day when I could already say 'cpa nako'...and I know it would not take babalik at babalik ako sa Prtc para don magreview..You're the best PRTC.
Yasmin bint Ihsan
2009-12-07, 02:24
I really like PRTC. If God's Will i want to review from tis center :-) More power!!
Dexter C. Bustillos
2009-10-29, 02:32
First of all, i would like to say thank you to all the people behind this great educational institution who made me reach my dream that seems to be unreachable for me at first but became easily achievable because of a great great review program. If you're planning to have a review and you are now reading this, i would like to make you a favor, i'll tell you that if you want to reach your dream to become a CPA don't look outside anymore and make your reservation right now or else you'll regret it for the rest of your life. I think I have the courage to say this because i'm a proud PRTC product that really don't excel in the undergrad but became a CPA in one take. I'm from PSBA QC, believe me just give it a try then you'll see it for yourself.
Roy T. Ramirez
2009-10-29, 02:32
There is no doubt that i was still overwhelmed by happiness as i go-on embracing this new achievement as a CPA. With gratitude, i would like to thank you, Thanks to you all! from the staff to the reviewers and to my co-reviewees who made my journey with PRTC really remarkable. Aside from that i would like to thank this Professor, i'am not closed with him neither had a chance to talk with him but everytime he speaks to the class even on my very first review at PRTC back in may'08, he's words, wisdom and thoughts has a great impact on me and it always inspires me to do better everyday. Thank You Sir Frank Agamata for sharing your life and knowledge with the class, during the testimonial dinner i'm wasnt able to say something for i had to go home early coz of work early next morning. Anyways Thank You! again, substantially PRTC plays a big part achieving one of my dreams. Thank You Sirs and Ma'am...
Hazel Grace V. Apa
2009-08-24, 02:25
PRTC was a big part of reaching my dream to be a CPA. I never thought before that a very good review center will tie-up with our school. I thought pa nga that I should come to Manila in order to enroll in a nice review center. Then suddenly, PRTC came, reaching those people who dream to be CPAs in the provinces. I have really appreciated the efforts of my reviewers. I know that their job is very tiring and risky. Though I was not able to tell them how much thankful am I to them, deep in my heart, I'm proud to be their student. The training and preparation was very extensive, the materials were very helpful, and the mentors were so good. To my PRTC-Cebu family, thanks again. Actually, namimiss ko na kayo. Now, I'm entering another stage in my life as a professional working in an audit f! irm, but still, I will not forget the learnings and experiences that I had during my review in PRTC.
Marylet O. Guillermo
2009-05-19, 02:35
First of all, im already a CPA working as an auditor here in SGV while Im writing this testimonial for PRTC. I was a reviewer in PRTC for the October 2008 board exam. I already shared my experiences in PRTC during our testimonial dinner in Century Park Hotel but until now I feel like kulang pa ung nasabi ko. So here it goes,,, Undergraduate review pa lang, I was already satisfied with the learning experience that PRTC offers. Hands on ang mga mababait and super galing na reviewers. They are so dedicated with giving the best for their reviewees, mula sa extended hours ng discussion and complete review materials. I remember one of our reviewers, parang mgagalit pa sya when he notices that some of the class wasnt able to answer the review materials. ganun ka-concerned. Hanggang sa ID, maipagmamalaki (hehehe)ang PRTC. So I pursued my proper review nowhere else but in PRTC. I told myself, I want to be one of those board examinees na nasa numerator, na makakapagpataas ng rate ng passers sa PRTC sa October... They inspired me a lot. And enjoy tlga ung 5months stay ko dun. I think the best part of the discussions is when nag aasaran silang mga reviewers, hahaha! Treats pag birthday ng isang reviewer... Then, the moment of truth came, October 20, unang una ang PRTC magpost ng result. CPA na ko. Greatful ako, sa lhat2x of course,, and behind it all, thankful ako sa PRTC. I dont know what happened had I reviewed in another review school, all i know is that, I made a right choice. Go PRTC! Continue to inspire other hopeful minds of CPA's to be... Sana mag grow pa, maging mas successful at mas maraming mproduce n CPAs. I'm looking forward to being one of your reviewers hehehe. Sir Ocampo, Sir and Mrs. De Leon, Sir Valdez, Sir Aga, Sir Penamante, Mr. Malvar and the rest of PRCT family, I hope mabasa nyo, thanks po, and more power! Love you guys.
Stephen Pineda
2009-03-08, 02:34
Hello Congratulations to every new cpa.thanks to all the people who form part of prtc especially the reviewers.we could not have made it without you....lupet men!the best ang prtc.more new cpas to come!
Jonald P. Binaluyo
2009-03-08, 02:33
Passing the CPA Board Examination is not that easy,until magreview ako sa Professional Review and Training Center (PRTC). Sa PRTC kase huhubugin at ihahanda ka talaga ng mga reviewers para sa pagharap mo sa battle (Actual CPA Board), from comprehensive materials, classroom drills and very challenging Pre-Board Examinations (First and Final). The best talaga ang pag-aalaga dito. One of my greatest dream is to practice in academe, to be a reviewer (ofcourse sa PRTC din), hope to be a part of this great institution. Before I end this testimonial, I just want to say "THANK YOU" to PRTC Community, lahat ng staff at syempre to all the reviewers. God Bless PRTC and continue to develop and help BSA students to achieve their dream (which is my dream before) be a CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT.