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About Us

About Us

PRTC has produced a total of more than two hundred seventy-five (275) CPA Licensure Examination TOPNOTCHERS and PLACERS from October 1979 - October 2005.

Mounting the passion and commitment to provide the best and effective CPA Review Program, PRTC boasts of qualified reviewers, wide seat, conductive study areas, and a comprehensive five-hours-a-day-five days-a-week program (or its equivalent for the weekend class).

The Ideal CPA Review Program

A rigorous five-hour review from Mondays to Fridays (or its equivalent for the weekend class), provides for an effective and efficient comprehension and retention of the topics needed to be discussed in preparation in the CPA Licensure Examination. Using a zero-based review program, reviewees not only get to rediscover topics but also reinforces the principles they learned during their undergraduate years.

Convenient Location of the Review Center

The two-storey building is specifically designed and constructed as venue for review classes and seminars. It is strategically located to be accessible to all types of transportation including the LRT that is operational from Rizal Ave., Manila to Marikina.

In front of the PRTC Building is a space that is a guarded car park (not operated by PRTC) where reviewers are given preference by the operators.