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Lecture-Drill-Coach Model


PRTC’s Unique Services

Among the pioneering strategies and innovations introduced by the new PRTC in the present review systems are the LDC Model, e-Q Viewer, Flexi Schedules and Open Pre-Board examinations.

The LDC Model

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The LDC Model (Lecture-Drill-Coach Model) allows reviewees to revisit their understanding of the technical subject under review, gives them the opportunity to rediscover other pertinent principles and interrelationships in those principles, and actively guide them in developing the needed skills in taking the CPA Board examination. This model also provides reviewees the special coaching service where their confidence and competence in taking the CPA Board examinations would be re-strengthened.

This unique review system developed and implemented at PRTC unleashes the power of the total training in taking tests where added value of activities are emphasized and unnecessary activities are eliminated.

The LDC Model includes the following subsystems:

    • The Reviewers’ 3Cs. are chosen based on the standards of Competence to deliver the required learning on the technical aspects of their review subject, Commitment to continue their self-learning and improvement process, and genuine Concern to the cause of their reviewees.
    • ARMaDas (Advanced Review Materials and Distribution Systems) where review materials are given at least once a month in advance.
    • Drills (eg, classroom drills, topical drills and integrated drills) are available on and off the regular lecture hours under the administration of an assigned personnel to refine the test-taking skills of the reviewees and reinforce their technical understanding of the subjects to be taken in the board examinations. More than 5,000 questions are carefully included in the drills to reach the depth and breadth of the training.
    • TMS (Test Monitoring System), a program developed and is now being used by PRTC to keep track of the reviewee’s tests and drill results made available for possible reviewee’s self-assessment, school executives’ evaluation of their graduates’ performance, and reviewers’ reliable guide for more intelligent preparation of review materials
    • SMART (Secondary Monitoring and Review Time) for organized coaching and consultation activities to beef-up classroom and individual learning.
    • Open Pre-board for all reviewees and undergraduate students who are willing to take the PRTC Open Pre-Board examination at the PRTC office or in accredited regional centers.
    • Longer Lecture Hours (LLH) with at least 450 lecture and contact hours distributed in seven (7) CPA board subjects to strategically balance the intensity, coverage and emphasis in the board examinations.
    • Flexi Schedule. This program is available to week-end reviewees purposely to suit their review time vis a vis their office time.
    • Open Pre-Board Examinations. The new PRTC invites all reviewees, PRTC and non-PRTC alike, as well as undergraduate students to take its first pre-board, second pre-board (for May examinees), and final pre-board examinations. This provides another way for reviewees to assess their comparative level of test preparation and still avail of the following cash prizes:

      Topnotchers First/Second Pre-Board Final Pre-Board
      1 P10,000 P20,000
      2 P7,500 P15,000
      3 P5,000 P10,000

      *Non-PRTC reviewees should register at least two (2) weeks before the scheduled date of the Open Pre-board examination.